SCM bussines food solution.

We are effective and market-savvy

We provide reliable solutions and ongoing support.


We are specialists in introducing food quality and safety standardisation systems, we run an innovation hub and create and launch new products. In each of our 8 activity domains, we focus on commitment, mutual trust, punctuality, positive energy and creativity. Choose a department of your interest and discover what we can do for your business.


Our team is built by people of diversified characters and strengths, with vast experience in the food industry. These people are passionate about the food domain. Every day we meet in a group of people who complement each other. Everyone fulfils A key role. Our enthusiasm directly translates into the commitment visible in every area of our activities.
QA Director,
SCM Quality Assurance
The team consists of people with different experiences, educational backgrounds and interests, but linked through a common ability to find ourselves in such a dynamic environment as project management in the investment industry.
Senior Business Development Manager,
SCM Design & Furnishing Department